More low-cost ways to lower your utility bills


After I suggested a few low-cost ways to lower utility bills, I was hit with quite a bunch of suggestions. I researched them, and found that most were quite viable and very reasonably priced. Therefore, without further ado, here are a few (more) low-cost ways to drop your utility bill:

Ceiling Fans

The ever-ingenious Carol noted that ceiling fans are not only useful in the summer; if you reverse the direction of the fan during the winter, it actually pushes warm air back toward the ground, reducing wasted heat. In the process, it keeps the air moving, which maximizes the effect of your other heaters and baseboard heat. Having installed a few ceiling fans, I have to admit that it's a fairly involved task (set aside a couple of hours), but they are surprisingly cheap and really help keep your home liveable. Just don't put them in low-ceilinged rooms!