Zooba.com: Bestselling books, $9.95 with free shipping


A WalletPop reader recently commented that she does her book shopping on Zooba.com and, after taking a look, I might have to give it a shot myself.

Here's the deal: Every book in stock is $9.95, shipping included. Similar to Netflix's automatic shipping, the site allows you to build a reading list and then once month, it ships you the next item on your list -- But you can buy additional books for $9.95 each as often as you want.

What's the catch? Once you sign up, you commit to buying 1 book a month for 3 months and then you can cancel at any time. That's not so bad but the selection may pose a problem to more discerning readers. If you're content with bestsellers and book club-type fare, Zooba may be perfect. If you're looking for the latest translation of the loves poems of Catullus, you may have to stick with Amazon.

For book collectors, Zooba has another drawback: these are book club editions, often altered in size. If first editions are important to you, look elsewhere.

But if you're looking for beach/airplane reads at a pretty good price, give Zooba a look.