Vitamin Beer: drink to your health!


A short while back, I joked that in the era of vitamin water, vitamin-laced beer was inevitable. The concept is a joke no more, not after the unveiling of Vitamin Beer.

The vitamin-B infused beer, an invention of Filipino Billy Malang, was launched at an Inventor's conference in Thailand earlier this month. Although Malang has not yet found a commercial producer/distributor for his suds, it has already gained medals in international competition.

Malang is the Philippine's version of da Vinci, inventing new products as fast as most of us create dirty dishes. Among his best known -- the K-9 chastity belt for dogs, a cough syrup in lollipop form, and an ear pick that redirects available light into the ear canal so the miner can see what he/she is digging for. He also authored a book, "Sex Every Minute".

If I were a betting man, I'd bet Malang will be the first to invent something along the lines of "Viagra Beer".