Senior discounts: Membership has its privileges


While you would never consider yourself a "senior citizen," corporate America is beginning to think otherwise, with many companies cutting prices for those as young as 50. And it's not just limited to airlines and movie theaters -- toy stores, hair salons, golf courses and even pizza joints are getting in on the senior discount action. All you've got to do is swallow your pride and ask.

Better yet, check out, a free online database of "age-related discounts." By clicking on "Discount Search," you'll be directed toward businesses in your zip code that offer some serious age-related bargains.

David Smidt, president of, cites KB Toys' "Grandparents' Rewards Club" as a good example of corporate America reaching out to the young-ish senior citizen. Installed a couple of years ago, the "Grandparents' Rewards Club" offers 10% off of purchases made on Tuesdays by those who are either 50-plus years old or a grandparent. As a result, what was once the least busy day of the week is now one of the busiest.