Playing nice: Toy safety addressed by Toy Industry Association

wood pull toy
wood pull toy

The Toy Industry Association's board of directors is beginning to take steps to aggressively address toy safety issues, which were all too common in 2007. According to press accounts, there were 61 toy related product recalls last year, representing an increase of approximately 50% above the total toy safety issues reported for 2006.
With leadership assistance solicited from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a proposed plan of action has been drafted for the Toy Industry Association in an effort to more clearly define the product safety responsibilities of toy manufacturers and to more closely monitor toy manufacturing operations. The full program description will be published by ANSI for public review and comment on Feb. 22.

Daniel Grossman, Chairman of the Board of the Toy Industry Association is quoted on the TIA website as stating: "Once again, our industry has responded quickly and effectively when toy safety issues have been identified." The Toy Industry Association represents more than 500 manufacturers, and its members import or produce some 85% of toys distributed in North America, according to the website. Naturally this group has a strong interest in at least trying to keep on top of safety issues.

Nancy Nord, acting chairwoman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has taken a justifiably hard line when it comes to toy industry foibles. Associated Press quoted her as stating: "I will not tolerate this industry ... not complying with our regulations." The CPSC is helping by providing additional guidance in the efforts to develop a toy manufacturer standards program and the agency is making it clear that they're not playing around.