Offbeat eateries -- Moto, with the edible menu


Tired of the same old Applebee's and Cracker Barrel fare? Well, fortunately, you're living in the 21st century, where choice reigns. We've pulled together some suggestions for places that offer novel dining experiences.

Tired of modern food? Then consider the Chicago restaurant Moto, when chef Homaro Cantu offers cutting-edge post-modern cuisine.

What is post-modern, you might ask? In this case, part of the answer is paper. Using edible paper and vegetable ink, Cantu serves menus, which diners, after ordering, can crumble into their gazpacho. Paper may also appear elsewhere in the meal. A steak, for example, may be served with a side of an edible, beef-flavored photo of a cow.

While the paper draws attention, Cantu's entire menu is a riot of variety. Wasabi and Bluefin tuna might be followed with a lamb corn dog, biscuit crème brulee by smoked pork with collard greens. For dessert, expect a popcorn ball and s'mores.

In the spectrum of restaurants, Moto is as far from Cracker Barrel as is possible, which is, I think, a good thing. One caveat, though; I feel pretty confident in warning you that the check presented to you at the end of your meal is not edible. And don't assume the take-home container is digestible, either-- although your dog might disagree.