Etonic G>SOK GT golf shoes, $60,

Etonic golf shoe
Etonic golf shoe

Perhaps it's a bit early for some of us to get out on the links, but that's no reason why golfers can't start thinking about gearing up for the coming turf chunking season. Do you need a new driver to replace the one you wrapped around that tree? Should you stock up on balls to replace the ones still at the bottom of that pond? How about your shoes? Is this the year you'll buy real golf shoes to improve your game or are you going to go out putting in that same old, worn out pair of cross-trainers?

I found a great closeout deal on Etonic G>SOK GT, golf shoes at . DGS is asking just $60 plus about $15 shipping for these golf shoes. These Etonic golf shoes regularly sell in the $100 price range. They feature classic styling in high grade, soft leather uppers, high density foot support and an in-shoe moisture control system. The shoes stand firm on high quality Goodyear rubber outsoles which provide turf grip for the athlete without the use of cleats.

For shopping comparison, I located the same shoes being sold at . IGG is currently selling the same shoes for $109.95. IGG is only charging a base shipping rate of $5.95 for the shoes which closes the price gap a little but roughly speaking, these shoes from DGS will cost $75, while they'll cost $115.90 from IGG.

Take note that this is a closeout offer from, so your individual size may not be available. Note also that although these are advertised as men's shoes, I'd say some of the ladies might find these golf shoes quite suitable for wearing while whacking some golf balls around.