Offbeat eateries -- The Road Kill Cafe


Tired of the same old Applebee's and Cracker Barrel fare? Well, fortunately, you're living in the 21st century, where choice reigns. We've pulled together some suggestions for places that offer novel dining experiences.

Down in gator country of Florida, it's said that road kill never cools -- the indigenous species fight over the Goodyear grub. The owners of the Linger Lodge would have you believe they're out there fighting for the best scraps to offer you on their Road Kill Café menu.

The Lodge offers the usual selection of American diner food, with the addition of gator, but in the guise of some revolting dishes -- Pigeon Smidgens, Poodles 'n Noodles, Shar-Pei Filet, Chunk O' Skunk and Snake & Bake. The vegetable of the day is always squash.

I can't imagine a more appealing menu for the kids, or those of us with a bit of juvenilia left in our souls. At least, until someone builds the Donner Party House.