1970's AM stereo 8-track, $99,000, ClassicMuscleCars.com

1970 Plymouth 440 Cuda
1970 Plymouth 440 Cuda

Okay, so my title is just a little bit misleading. The stereo 8-track player that I am bringing to your attention is housed within a 1970 Plymouth Cuda, with a 440, 6 barrel V-8 and a four speed manual transmission. They only manufactured 1,755 of these cars in 1970 and the fully restored beauty that I found for you is really priced to sell at ClassicMuscleCars.com.

Never mind the fact that cars like these averaged about 14 miles per gallon. Back when Detroit was cranking out the best of the muscle cars, a gallon of gasoline cost us less than a dollar. We played with cars like these the way today's kids play with their ipods and Xboxes. We kept city road crews busy repairing ripped asphalt and we kept Goodyear and Firestone in the black.

What makes this particular car such a meaningful bargain is that according to the National Auto Dealers Association guide it is priced well below it's quality standard. Cars of this model in a condition similar to this one can fetch as much as $190,000. The asking price of $99,000 on this car would generally reflect a specimen which is very well kept but not actually worthy of a show trophy. This particular gem happens to be fully and professionally restored. It's an auto collectors dream and if the economy was better, it would have been sold before I finished this blog post.

Okay now fellas, put your tongues back in you heads and get back to work. I'm going to go look at some Camaros.