How much longer until you'll be a millionaire?

In this day and age, becoming a millionaire is a goal that most people have. With the fed printing money like Germany circa 1923, if your net worth is much lower than that when you hit retirement age, it could be a tough time.

So how are you doing on that quest? I found a really cool How long until you're a millionaire? calculator at Just put in your current savings, your expected monthly addition, your expected rate of return and hit enter -- They'll even take inflation into account for you!

What's cool is that you can toggle your savings rate back and forth to see how much sooner you'll be able to get to a million if you save an extra, say, $100 a month. You'll be surprised. It adds up. Another thing I like about the calculator is that it puts the emphasis on savings which is how you really become a millionaire. Remember: no matter how much you earn, you have to actually accumulate $1 million without blowing it on consumer goods in order to become a millionaire.