Offbeat eateries -- The Toilet Restaurant

Tired of the same old Applebee's and Cracker Barrel fare? Well, fortunately, you're living in the 21st century, where choice reigns. We've pulled together some suggestions for places that offer novel dining experiences.

Theme restaurants may have finally reached their pinnacle (or bottomed out) in the Toilet Restaurant, a chain of restaurants in Taiwan that features toilets for seating and serves noodle dishes in dog-dish sized ceramic toilet bowls.

The questionable taste is almost limitless. Small entrees are served in urinal shaped dishes, while larger dishes are served in the toilet-shaped bowls. Noodles come in small bathtub-like containers.

Among the most popular entrees are those that resemble material that one commonly associates with the commode, including curry noodles or chocolate ice cream.

The purveyor began as a street vendor serving up ice cream in hand-sized toilet cups, but has already expanded his toilet-themed restaurants to several locations in Taiwan. Apparently, we Americans have a lot to learn about the potential scope of theme restaurants.

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