Valentine's Day value comes from the heart

I love you heart
I love you heart

I'm not what most people would consider to be a "romantic" type of fellow, but I think I know how to please a heart. I have learned over time that effect is not generally dictated by sticker price, although I'll admit occasionally that helps. What I have found to be a tried and true approach to letting someone know you love them is to do the little things which show them "I think about you when you're not here by me."

For instance, although I've never witnessed the reaction, I know for a fact that when my wife gets up in the morning she gets a little smile on her face when I leave the coffee pot full and warm. It tells her that I've thought about her comfort and I have done a little something about it.

Secret love notes hidden in spots where I know she'll go always make her smile. She almost glows when I brush her hair back to give her a light kiss on the neck as she's doing the dishes. Does she notice when I clean the snow off her car before I go to bed so she doesn't have to do it in the morning? I think so. Does it matter when I scoop up our daughter and take her to the park just as momma is reaching her wits end? I'm quite sure it does.

These are the things of which Valentine's Day is made. Saint Valentine was a martyr, thus the concept of giving of yourself. It's not necessarily about what material things you can give to someone, it's about what you can do for them. It means suspending your own needs temporarily and focusing on the needs and desires of someone you love.

For all you executive types, who would rather leave the leg work to the florist, try this simple exercise; Buy the cheapest box of crayons you can find and dig out the red one. Take a sheet of copier paper and draw a big red heart right in the middle of it. Next, draw an arrow through that heart, it's easy, I promise. Now put your lover's initials at the top of the heart and put yours near the bottom. Finish the exercise by handing your crude drawing to your partner with the words "I was thinking about you."

I'll let you finish the story from there.