The most valuable natural resource: Tears


We've all seen the commercials. You know, the ones with the incredibly classy man and woman, the intense string music, and the gift of a diamond. The woman looks up at the man with moist eyes while the voice-over intones "A diamond is forever," "this year, show her how much your love is worth," or "if you're looking for a way to shore up your marriage after that little incident..." Cut to black.

The commercials are cheesy, and the message is a little disturbing, but I still find the whole thing fascinating. There seems to be an underlying theme that love is for sale, if the price (or more importantly, the ice) is right. As much as I'd like to automatically reject this perspective, a large portion of American society seems to buy into it.

With Valentine's day creeping up on us, I got to thinking about the dewy-eyed woman and the cost of her tears. Personally, I don't cry too often. Admittedly, Ratatouille got to me, as did Field of Dreams and Snoopy Come Home; however, apart from the occasional weepy movie, it takes a lot to make me turn on the waterworks. Either someone has to be in the hospital or I have to have a badly skinned knee.