Seduced by the dark DVR


I have become the arch-enemy of the advertising world. And I didn't have to join a super-society to do so; all I had to do is order a DVR from my cable provider. (Yeah, I know I'm a late adopter. I'm thinking of getting me one of them "microwaves" next.)

I love being on the dark side, too. My DVR, a similar device to the more familiar TIVO, acts as the receiver/recorder for my cable television signal. It allows me to record any content available on my cable feed and play it back when I choose.

It has two channels, which allows me to record one show while watching another, with the cool picture-in-picture feature to monitor both. The best part, however, is the ease of use. I can scroll through my provider's program guide, and with a couple of clicks, choose which show to record. Playing recorded shows is just as easy.

The black magic comes with that replay, because I can fast-forward through commercials. And you bet I do.
I know people with these setups that choose to watch the evening news half an hour late, recorded, rather than live, simply for the joy of speeding through incontinence and ED ads.

The downside, of course, is with diminished ad revenue content providers will produce more schlock shows and fewer expensive dramas. But what am I going to do? Now that I've been seduced by the dark side of the force, I realize that recorded beats live by 16 minutes every hour.