New candidate for the world's worst boss


I've worked for some rotten bosses (thankfully, not the case here at WalletPop, smooch smooch), but my travails pale in comparison to the schmucks who hustle ads for Men's Journal. As a publicity stunt for an adventure issue, its publisher, Will Schenck, had its ad clients vote on a challenge for his crew. The "Dare the Rep" contest offered a choice of such staff-motivating tasks as climbing the Empire State Building (on the inside, thankfully), attending pro wrestling school, fire walking and winter surfing.

The winning challenge, though, proved to be swimming with sharks. According to Ken Wheaton in Advertising Age, the 15-person staff ended up at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ, in a pool full of sharks of several varieties (but no great whites). Thankfully, there were no incidents. No ad reps were bitten, no sharks were conned into buying a quarter-page in the fall issue.

The next time your boss peeves you, just remember the tank full of sharks. For me, the trip to Camden would have been enough to turn in my notice.

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