Does diet soda cause diabetes? Do you care?


Life is a circle.

I started to come to that conclusion earlier this week when I read in U.S. News & World Reportand then some other publications that diet soda may lead to diabetes. Yeah. Interesting. The study doesn't talk about sugary sodas, but diet. So it was then that I had a serious discussion with myself and I realized something.

I need to stop reading the news.

OK, and maybe I also need to stop drinking diet sodas, and so I started raiding my wife's stash of non-diet soda. She hates diet drinks and has never bought into the argument that she should drink it. OK, so I started drinking more regular soda, knowing full well it's not good for me, but really, really wanting it, anyway, especially because of the caffeine. I need caffeine. Anyone who shows me a study that caffeine leads to a disease is not going to be my friend.