Win a pimped-out powder room from Roto-rooter


Bored with your bathroom? Probably because it's so 20th century. Leave it to Roto-rooter to show us the future, with its brilliant pimped-out powder room contest.

This is more like it. While seated on your fancy Kohler toilet with heated seat and built-in bidet, you can browse the internet on your Vaio notebook computer mounted on a rolling stand, a great modern replacement for that stack of old Reader's Digests. No teleconferencing, please. Too passive of entertainment? A Nintendo Wii is close at hand. (I don't even want to imagine this). For tunes, the stand also holds your iPod Touch and Bose SoundDock.

A pedicure foot bath will pamper your tootsies, while a salon-style hair dryer will finish your coiffure. A rolling bath caddy from Pottery Barn is nearby to store your makeup supplies, while a toilet-side coffee machine is ready to keep you supplied in lattes. Aroma sticks brighten the atmosphere. An Aquavision combination television and heated towel rack (is that an odd combination, or what?) will keep you warm and informed.

All this and more can be yours. Enter via the internet at