Dale Earnhardt Jr. sports new Adidas line

adidas logoIn step with the Adidas slogan of "Impossible is nothing," race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is not just endorsing Adidas shoes, but is also reported to be working with Adidas in the design of clothing items. The press notice from Retailing Today(registration required) reports that Earnhardt is a life-long fan of Adidas.

The Retailing Today press notice quotes Earnhardt: "I've been wearing Adidas my whole life. It's who I am. Throughout my career I've been fortunate to partner with brands that fit my lifestyle, and Adidas fits. I've been working with Adidas on the design of a new suit and I'm wearing what we came up with at Daytona."

Additionally, Retailing Today indicates that Adidas is in the process of introducing its JR Nation line, which shall feature men's and women's t-shirts, hats and jerseys. Dale Earnhardt Jr. debuted the Adidas three stripes at the 2008 Daytona Speedweeks, which began on Feb. 9 and ends Feb. 17. There is no immediate indication of exactly where Adidas shall be displaying these clothing items for sale or the potential price points for these items. But the partnership may indeed help speed sales.
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