Hill's cash, Bill's identity crisis

By putting up $5 million of her own cash, Hillary sent a clear "and if you didn't think I meant business..." message to her party's uncommitted. As a serial entrepreneur, I have to admit, I view Hillary differently now that her own skin's in the game. Since acting as her own VC, others' dollars have poured in, though not at the rate as Obama's.

Her even having $5 million to spare is eye-popping. This, from the couple who had virtual tin cups in hand during those nagging Whitewater battles. (Don't you miss the '90's?) The book signing and rubber chicken dinner circuits have clearly been great to Bill. It's an inspiring comeback story. (My tongue is about halfway in cheek.)

It's no coincidence that with Hillary's cash infusion came major changes at the top. We're talking CEO-style hardball. Out went her campaign manager (and self-described virtual adopted daughter) Patti Solis Doyle, in came veteran adviser Maggie Williams.