Is this your year for an HDTV?


Not that I'm looking, or anything, but experts say if you're in the market for a new HDTV, now is the time to buy it. Conventional wisdom has it that the best time to buy a new TV is in the weeks just after the Superbowl, when retailers are moving out the old to make room for the new.

Of course, actual HDTV sales weren't as spectacular as retailers had hoped...a taste of tapped-out consumers perhaps?

Hope springs eternal. According to some reports, analysts at Pacific Media Associates say we can expect a 15.6% drop on flat panel display prices this year. According to the research company, last year saw a 14.7% price drop on HDTVs, which increased sales by 41%. Sales will continue to skyrocket in the period leading up to the switch to Digital TV next year.

We all know that HDTV's are about the only thing going down in price these days. Will the recession we're in or about to enter (depending on who you're reading) have any affect on this symbol of American consumerism?