I like totally love it...not. Peer-to-peer marketing not so peerless


Internet merchants such as Amazon.com are in love with the concept of peer to peer marketing, the idea that recommendations from the average Joe or Jill can help those of us who share their tastes find appealing products. However, in practicality this strategy has its limits.

This thought was inspired by my browsing iliketotallyloveit.com, one of many sites that allows shoppers to rate any product and recommend those they find outstanding; kind of a Digg.com for the superconsumer.

However, a quick review found that either someone is gaming the site or the recommenders share a perverse sense of humor. Among those items found loveworthy are:

  • Lover's Mittens for a couple devoted to holding hands; one left mitten, one right, and one that has two access sleeves. Awww...

  • Cheeseburger in a can. A German product that defines the term anti-delicious

  • iwavecube personal microwave, just large enough for your coffee cup, perfect for the desktop

  • Shower breasts, two soft plastic, wall-mounted shampoo/cream rinse dispensers in the form of -- you know.

I'd recommend the site for entertainment, but as a guide for shopping? Not so much.