MetLife study: Boomers aren't old, yet


I guess it makes sense, kind of, if you're one of those "Life Begins at 40" types: According to a new study, Baby Boomers won't be calling themselves "old" until they're 77 and 10 months.

The Boomers might be onto something. The study, conducted by the MetLife Mature Market Institute, also found that most Americans looking forward to their 62nd birthday this year still work full-time (with about four or five years left to go), do a good job of maintaining their health (having not experienced any major health problems in the past 12 months), and plan to live the first 10 or so years of retirement "to the fullest," which presumably means they'll be traveling and partying, instead of fitting little ships into glass bottles and telling the neighbors' kids to get off their lawns.

And living those early retirement years to "the fullest" seems like a goal within their financial grasp. The average boomer boasts an income of more than $70,000, a net worth of $250,000, a home worth $300,000 and an expected $100,000 to $200,000 inheritance from their parents. Party on, dudes!

Parents -- now they're old.