What's in my wallet? Everything but cash and credit cards


What's in My Wallet is a series of posts from WalletPop writers and editors that will help you maximize your financial self according to what you carry.

By special request I now empty the contents of my wallet for review. I should tell you first, my wallet is not used as a receptacle for carrying actual money. Cash goes in my front pants pocket just because I think it's a bit more secure there. The wallet which I am carrying right now is probably about two years old and I'd be willing to bet it's touched cash, maybe twice. My wallet is an effective mini filing cabinet which is seldom tampered with except for the nearly daily removal and deployment of my trusty debit card.

Let's see now, I have my driver's license here and amazingly it's up to date. It has the obligatory bad photo on it and a little donor icon over on the right side. I have a couple health insurance cards here also. Knock on wood, those have seen daylight only a couple times. My social security card also takes up a wallet spot. It's in amazingly good condition for what it's been through all these years.