Sssh! How to be a quiet millionaire

Foreclosures are up. The dollar isn't what it used to be. Gas is over $3 a gallon. Well, you read the papers and live life. We all know the story.

That's why I thought I'd ask Brett Wilder what type of person is typically what so many people want to be -- a millionaire. I figure he might know, having written the book last year, The Quiet Millionaire: A Guide for Accumulating and Keeping Your Wealth .

Wilder cited the typical characteristics of a business millionaire owner, because, well, let's face it, you tend to become rich by owning a company rather than spending years working in its mail room. In any case, if you want to be a millionaire, here's your road map, according to Wilder.

Be socially adept. Millionaires "possess motivational leadership qualities, and the ability to articulate ideas, products and services," says Wilder.
Discern detractors.In other words--don't let criticism get you down, you selfish jerk. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Maintain moral integrity. I think that's self-explanatory. What goes around comes around.

Be creative and intuitive. Wilder says that the typical quiet millionaire is "able to perceive and seize specialized opportunities that are not readily apparent to others, and is able to develop profitable business niches."

Be self-reliant. The typical quiet millionaire, says Wilder, is "willing to sacrifice, if need be, by living below their means in order to ensure a successful outcome."

So I hope I've helped some aspiring business owners out there. Since I don't own my own company and am still far from being a millionaire, I'm going to go drive to my favorite discount store and buy some office supplies. Well, maybe I'll walk...

Geoff Williams is a freelance business journalist, primarily for Entrepreneur magazine, and the author of C.C. Pyle's Amazing Foot Race: The True Story of the 1928 Coast-to-Coast Run Across America (Rodale, 2007).
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