LG AX275 cell phone, FREE, Let'sTalk.com

LG AX275I finally did it. I bought myself a cell phone. Not only did I purchase one for myself, but I bought one for my wife also. The best part of my purchase is the price I'm paying for the phones. They are costing me nothing and they're being shipped to me for free, in return for contracting with Alltel Wireless for their service.

Yes, I know that you can get deals like this every day, but I shopped long and hard for cell phones which would satisfy the needs of both my wife and myself. The LG AX275 meets all our requirements with only a small compromise on the camera resolution I was looking for. When shopping I ended up at a site called Letstalk.com and I'm quite satisfied with the results.

The phones normally retail for about $245 each. We're getting two of them without cost. Activation of each phone will cost $25 apiece, a one time fee we'll pay up front. It's a full featured camera phone, Blue Tooth- enabled with speaker phone function to boot. The camera resolution is an acceptable 640 by 450 pixels, not what I wanted but certainly acceptable for snapping pictures for blogs.

I can't give you a full product review because we don't have the phones in hand yet. Suffice it to say that if we're happy with them you'll hear about it, and if we're dissatisfied, you'll probably hear all about that instead
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