Welcome to my debt filled world!

WHY IS SAVING MONEY SO HARD! Sometimes I sit and wonder where all the money went. You want to know what's worse? Sometimes I cannot answer myself!

"Oh you have to save money," they say. "Invest for the future," they tell me. How do you do that when you have all the hassles and worries of today? Have you ever called in to work because you were low on gas and you didn't get paid for two days? Ok, so I've only done it once, but still!

Having kids and saving money doesn't work. Well, I'm sure it does because a lot of other people in the world do it, but I am yet to succeed. The sum of our savings sits on our dining room table in an old plastic pretzel jar. $192.34 – all change. It's a start, but no where near where we need or want to be. Even though we could use that money to pay some bills, me and the wife have decided not to use it. We are going to wait until that jar is full and then go on a vacation. We figure about $1000 will fit in that thing. Actually it's a great thing. Everyday we put any change left in our pockets into the jar. Our kids will find money on the floor or on the sidewalk and run in and put it away. They get so excited! I figure that it will teach them to save, and it will give us all a little getaway. God knows we need it.

To be honest, I think I am the root of our problem. I'll spend and spend and spend until I can't spend any more. I seriously think I need some help on controlling that. I've become better over the past months. I don't want to have to explain to anyone why we are selling our house and moving into an apartment...call me crazy like that. At the same time, I'm not driving us into debt hell, just spending more than I should be...so back off a little ok?

I'm 29 years old. I have been married to my wonderful wife for the past 7 years. I have two incredible boys who are the joy of our life. I work for a local school district as an IT Technician. It's a great job and I love everyday of it.

I have an addictive personality. Not a "clinical" one, but it's obvious to those who know me that I have one. I want to do everything. This one time, I watched the movie "Barber Shop," and I wanted to become a barber...no lie. I pick up a hobby and I have to follow it. Writing is one...photography is another.

I am addicted to "things." Gadgets, technology, everything. If it's new and shiny, I want it. I get it about 70% of the time. Horrible ain't it? Well, at least from a financial point of view.

I realize my downfalls. But I also realize my strengths.

I am a great "planner." I have a knack for planning every little detail of something I put my mind to. I think that will help me in this quest for financial freedom.

I am also very patient, and stress doesn't get to me very easy. Although the stress has hit me when it comes to finances.

I am ready to change my life. To change my families life. I welcome you on this journey with me. Hopefully we can learn from each other.
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