Suck away tooth decay

A scientist at UCLA has developed a killer app in the fight against tooth decay; the bacteria-killing sucker. Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that causes cavities, can apparently be killed by an ingredient found in licorice, so Wenyuan Shi added that ingredient to sugar-free suckers to create cavity-fighting candy. The suckers are being sold under the name Dr. John's Herbal Candy. Meanwhile, Dr. Shi is working to create other products to fight off other harmful bacteria that trouble us.

I've long thought that there is a great market for using foods that already appeal to us to deliver medicines and supplements that would aid our health. Baby aspirin in beer. Chocolate bars with Metamucil. Potassium potato chips. Pepcid Pepsi. Quesadilla con Zantac. KFC extra-Lipitor.

It tickles me to imagine a mother telling her child, "You can't go to bed until you've eaten your sucker!" Life just keeps getting better and better.

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