Primary season makes cents


I'm a political junkie.

Mostly, I'm an armchair quarterback. I've only been to one political rally. I've never stuffed envelopes for a candidate. And I'm embarrassed to admit it, but the most I've donated to a campaign has been something like $10. But when it comes to reading political articles and watching the debates, I get pretty fascinated. It doesn't matter whether it's the Democrats or Republicans, I've grown to like something about all of them, and so if there's a debate, I tend to have the television on. If I'm bored, I find myself visiting web sites like and RealClearPolitics. Meet the Press? Since that means meeting the politicians, but of course.

I know I'm not alone, and what didn't occur to me until today is when We The People follow politics, we're not just doing our civic duty by being informed on the issues, we're actually helping the economy. Who needs an economic stimulus plan, when we're in the midst of the primary season? This is election isn't just about change -- it's about making change -- the kind that involves pennies, nickels and dimes.