Furniture looking tired? Spray paint it!

So you bought your living room furniture during a brief infatuation with plaid; should you have to live with that mistake until it's worn enough to be dormitory worthy? Heck, no, not when you can spray paint your furniture!

Simply Spray claims that its spray paint is made for fabrics, and can transform your ugly couch to a colorful yet still soft and supple delight in a few minutes. While I haven't tried it, the video is intriguing.

The company also makes paint for stenciling your favorite seat, as well as for redoing your car upholstery. The same products can also be used to make your own silk-screen like shirt decorations. Painting a recliner would take about 6 cans, at roughly $65, a couch twice that.

If you have an old, hideously-colored but well-loved chair (Brian- I'm thinking of your orange chair), I'd suggest giving Simply Spray a try. The worst that can happen is the need to buy a slipcover. The best? More years of use for an old friend.