Dine out and save big bucks


Eat. Drink. Save money. That's restaurant.com's slogan and it sounds good to me. After all, who wouldn't like to save money on restaurant bills?

For $10, you can purchase a $25 certificate at any of the 8,000 participating restaurants nationwide. You can also choose a $10 certificate for $3, or a $50 certificate for $20. Be careful not to inadvertently log onto restaurants.com, an online dining directory. You're looking for the "restaurant" singular.

There are minimum purchases at most restaurants, but I didn't see any over $35. When I searched my zip code for local eateries, few came up that I recognized. But one of my favorite lunch spots, Riina's Fresco Café in Greenwich, CT with good panini and salads, is on the list. I bought a $10 gift certificate for $3 and it's valid with a $25 purchase. And they guarantee the certificate even if you show up and the restaurant has gone out of business. The website also links to restaurants' web sites and you can make a reservation online.