Snail mail with a digital age twist


Snail mail may never be the same again with the introduction of Earth Class Mail, an online service that helps you sort through your regular mail. The service offers the convenience of looking at your mail from anywhere in the world. No need to be at home to open or sort through your mail.

Your U.S. mail is sent to the Earth Class Mail "remote address" of your choice. They are located in about 20 major cities. Someone at the remote address scans the outside of each piece of mail, and your images are held in a secure online mailbox. (Other services email the images to you, but those emails are potentially intercepted and viewed by others.)

You look at the images in the online mailbox and decide what you want to do with the mail. The junk mail can be thrown out. If you want to read the contents of the envelope, you tell them to open it, scan it, and put the image in the secure online mailbox. The original hard copy can be forwarded to you or someone else. And any of your mail can be shredded or archived.