Political conventions help local businesses, even naughty ones


Like moths to a flame, the illegal sex industry will flock to this summer's political conventions in Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul.
The Rocky Mountain News summed up the situation thusly: "Political tricks may not be the only ones turned during the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August." Indeed, one helpful poster on the mile high city's Craigslist site headlined their ad bluntly , "So, You Want to be an Escort, But You Don't Know How" though it does say that "flakes and drama queens" need not apply.

Strip clubs are also expecting great business from the conventions. The paper quoted one Beverly Chastain, a door girl at a local gentleman's club, saying that reservations should start picking up this month. (Speaking of "gentlemen," did the code of chivalry discuss shoving money into a woman's G-string?)

Folks in the Twin Cities are also putting their Midwestern entrepreneurial spirit to the test in time for the GOP convention. I found one poster on Craigslist advertising what he -- odds are that it is a male -- called a "great opportunity for escorts." In a move that I'm sure will fool the vice cops, the poster emphatically states that his company is NOT a front for prostitution though he does say "what you do during your time is of a personal choice between consenting adults of legal age."

Clears that up, doesn't it?