Invite migrating birds to your garden with colorful birdbath


Daily Deal: Migration season will soon be in full swing, delighting we bird watchers with visitors boasting the bright colors of mating season. has a sale on a lovely birdbath that would be sure to entice the weary flyer to rest in your nest. The tBirdbrain Nin Art Koi birdbath is a fused-glass bowl brightly colored with koi on a blue and green background, adding welcome color to a still-drab garden, for only $69.99. I found it for sale elsewhere for as much as $194.95. The company also has another pattern, Tribeca, for the same price, if you prefer a more abstract design. is offering free shipping for orders over $75, so by adding a little bird seed to your order you can take advantage of this. A custom base is also available separately.

If you want to enjoy the spring bird migration, a nice birdbath is a good way to start. Add a sunflower seed feeder for cardinals and the like, a feeder of mixed songbird feed for the lbj's (little brown jobs), and a thistle feeder for goldfinches and you'll soon have a morning concert in your garden.