Fees, fees, and more fees when you fly

Can air travel really get any worse? If you felt like a herd of cattle before, it looks like it's only going to get worse and worse. Sure, a ride on a airplane was probably never meant to be a luxurious experience. After all, it's just a method of transportation. On the other hand, for those who spend a zillion hours a year in airports and airplanes, a few small comforts seem in order.

But alas, it's not meant to be. Food? Not anymore. You might get a three cent package of pretzels. You might be able to buy a meal, but only if they haven't run out. Airplanes aren't meant to be restaurants in the air, but if you've spent several hours on a flight and then had to sprint through the airport to avoid missing your connecting flight, you might be just a little hungry. Too bad so sad if the soggy meals are gone by the time the flight attendant gets to you.

The norm in the air also seems to include dirty planes and rude employees. Don't forget about the filthy restrooms and the lack of soap and hand towels. Need a blanket or pillow? Not available on some airlines anymore. (That's okay, they're filthy too.)