A great tip to save money on vacation


No doubt you've been hit up to buy Entertainment discount coupon books as fundraisers. Usually, these ends up in our desk drawer, since in our home town we are creatures of habit unswayed by discounts to places we don't normally go.

However, My friend at Gadling, Jamie Rhein, showed me that these books can save me a lot of money on vacation. Entertainment coupon books can be bought online for most U.S. cities, with a discount when buying more than one city at a time. For example, my wife and a friend are planning a trip to San Francisco in the spring, so I picked up a book for them for only $20. I could have added one for Cleveland, a weekend getaway destination, for another $15.

The book is full of discounts perfect for vacationers: half off of trolley rides, city tour bus trips, museums such as the Tech Museum of Innovation, and many theaters, symphonies, restaurants, hotels and more. In a few days, the book should pay for itself many times over.

Sure, similar discounts might be found in assorted free visitors guides, but the Entertainment book pulls them all together, and provides appetite-whetting reading on a plane flying west.