What tupperware sales may be telling us


Will Swarts' article, Tupperware Takes Lid Off Overseas Growth, makes me wonder whether a lifestyle that has been, well - out of style - might be on the return.

TUP beat Wall Street's earnings estimates, "sealing" turnarounds in key foreign markets and the stock closed up 18%. The company has now had six consistent quarters of growth in the United States and is starting to see growth in Germany where Tupperware sales had suffered declines.

Does this mean anything for WalletPop readers, especially us moms? Maybe it does.

Think Tupperware: Home cooking. Leftovers. Food in transit from one household to another (cake plates with snap on domed tops). Containers that you don't toss!

Tupperware isn't about restaurant take-out, upscale desserts or fast food. It isn't about catered parties. It has a midwestern down home type connotation, at least for this blogger.

Tupperware sales are rebounding in Germany.

In October of 2007, the Wall Street Journal's Marcus Walker's noted that flea markets draw big crowds in Germany, and foraging is "in." Residents of upscale Berlin neighborhoods shop at the "Free Shop, and "many an upstanding middle-class citizen is proud of their street harvest."

Could this be a trend?