Six of the best project blogs to keep your tech blood thinned out

girl with drillThere sure are a lot of tech and gadget minded people out there. From true geeks to just the tech interested people on the user end, we abound in gadget literate people. The bloggers on our sister blog, DIYLife have done a great deal of touring around the blog-holds of the Internet and I would now like to bring you on a tour involving six tech, do-it -yourself, and gadget blogs which they've introduced to us or have helped us to become more familiar with.

There's something in my blog list for almost everyone, you'll have to look at them all to decide which ones are for you. I present them in no specific order of value. Some of these blogs are from our own Weblogs Network and the truth is that they are all great. I'm also providing links to some outstanding material from and about these blogs for you to review.

First on my list is DIYLIfe. It's a blog in our network which endeavors to turn up timely, fun and practical ideas for you. With hints and instructions on everything from building a natural stone wall to hacking and dressing your ipod, they have a sharp and well seasoned crew of bloggers just waiting to report on the latest in hands-on ideas. Be sure to check them out if you're into filling your life with shortcuts, savings and just plain fun.

I'm not very savvy with small electronics but I do understand them fairly well. That's why I get such a kick out of the Hackaday Blog. It's a nice friendly blog populated with people who know how to make gadgets out of other gadgets. The place is kept in order by our friend Will O'Brien, and they really do have a lot of fun. Recently, ever present blogger Brian White wrote about a hack from Hackaday which involves using a speaker as a microphone. I promise, if you're into making fantastic electronic gizmos with your own hands, Hackaday is a blog for you to check out.

Another great blog we like to journey to is Lifehacker where we find useful information about tech gadgets and downloads. Recently, Francesca Clarke brought us a great blog about digitizing your old cassette tapes which she found over there and the information is incredibly useful. If you have ever considered recopying your old analog recordings so you can experience them on digital devices and other similar projects, Lifehacker is a blog you might like.

Perhaps one of the best known gadget blogs I like to go to is Engadget. It's one of the shining stars of our Weblogs Network. They blog about every angle on new tech products and more. They are one of the first to bring us news about new product releases and they provide comprehensive product reviews. Weblog's computer guy Ryan Carter recently made a trip over there and hooked us up with a DIY projector project which is really cool. I never would have thought it was so easy to build a projector if not for Ryan's blog post.

One of the best things about the DIYLife blog is that there's always someone turning up something unexpected and worthwhile from another interesting blog. One very good example would be this post by M.E.Williams reviewing a desk chair makeover which she found on a blog called Curbly . Curbly presents all manner of wham and whimsy in products, projects and suggestions which you could find useful. The blog is always lively and fresh. We like it when bloggers bring us tips from there.

What discussion of project blogs would be complete without mention of Instructables? It's a gem of the Internet and it's constantly alive with a wealth of knowledge. The Instructables community will bring you up to speed on everything from zombie makeup to growing a square watermelon. Weblog's blogger Diane Rixon brought us a tip from there about how to make a homemade step sensor for activating objects. The project is focused on a stage prop but the sensor concept could have many possible applications. They even sell their own real snazzy Instructables t-shirts over there!

So there you have it, my very own prescription for keeping your geek blood flowing freely. Go ahead and try some of their ideas or simply be entertained by them. We'd love it if you'd report to us about hacks and hands on projects you have found at these sites and how you have put them to use for yourself. Just remember to wear your safety glasses when it's appropriate and always heed the words: Don't try this at home without your parents permission!
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