Never forget your anniversary- two great free cell services


Why is it I can remember the lyrics to an ad from 1967 yet can't remember to buy milk on the way home? Because I'm human! Fortunately, there are a couple of geeky solutions for wetware shortcomings. is a free autonagger site. It allows you to input your cell phone number, the day and time you wish to receive a reminder, and the message text. It then sends you that text reminder at the requested time. And yes, you could input your husband's cell number, the date of your anniversary, and a text reminder ("Come home with flowers or don't come home at all"). is another free service. It allows you to send a text message from your PC. It's excellent when you need to send the same message to several people, or don't want to type your message out on a phone keypad. We use it to organize our friends for a flashmob dinner. also offers, free, the ability to convert your received email messages to text messages and have them routed to your phone. Of course, the text message fee of your cell service still applies.

Unfortunately, both services still require me to remember where I put my cell phone. Perhaps I should look for a low-tech solution to that. Duct tape?