Clink proof wine wetsuit, $9.95, Herrington

The Daily Deal for February 1, 2008 is Herrington's Clink-proof wine wetsuit, a neoprene tote that keeps wine chilled for hours.

I know it sounds like another useless product from Herrington, the "enthusiasts'" catalog, but I'm always looking for a way to keep wine cool on the go. I'm going to use it to carry wine to the beach, BBQs and outdoor concerts and any other BYOB event.

Actually, when the Herrington catalog arrives, I usually toss it because I know it's full of stuff I can't afford and don't need. But I couldn't resist opening an email with the subject, "Save up to 75% at our end of winter sale." I found plenty of household items, gadgets and clothes deeply discounted. The bargain (50% off the retail price of $19.95) that really caught my eye is the wetsuit. It holds two bottles of wine and is available in chardonnay (it looks more like chartreuse in the picture). Also on sale: a wetsuit that holds one bottle of wine, reduced from $14.95 to $7.95, and a clink-proof 6-pack wetsuit that carries 12 oz. bottles or cans of beer. Ground shipping costs $5.95 whether you buy one wetsuit or all three.

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