Heartache leave- the latest employee benefit


Himes & Company of Tokyo's latest employee benefit sets a new standard for employer compassion. Employees distraught over the ending of a relationship are eligible for paid 'heartache leave' to give them time to deal with their misery.

Apparently, heartbreak grows harder, not easier to deal with as we age. Hime & Co. workers 24 and younger can take one full day of heartbreak leave per year, while those 25-29 get two days and those 30 and older, three.

The same company previously made the news by instituting paid sales shopping leaves, giving employees four morning off per year to shop. I have to wonder if these two overlap. Many women of my acquaintance sooth their aching hearts by shopping.

Expanding on this trend, I expect we'll soon see:

  • "Boredom Bonus"– extra days off for those of us who, if we are forced to sit through one more strategic vision meeting, will just, I'm warning you, just lose it...

  • "Take your child to work let me go on leave" - time off for that one day a year when the boss expects you to drop everything to play nanny to his texting-crazy child.

  • "This would go down better with a Bud" leave- when the office B.S. gets so thick you can't breath, wouldn't it be nice to cash in some down time to go pound down a couple of cold ones?

Wait- are you leaving? Don't I entertain you any more? Oh God, I knew we'd come to this some day. Boss, I'm going home. These readers have broken my heart, and I need three (paid) days to recover.