Things my two year old taught me about saving money

toddler by trash bin
toddler by trash bin

I thought I had a pretty good grasp on frugal living, then my daughter taught me a thing or two. She has taught me money saving ideas and other better living concepts that I never even considered. She's such a smarty pants.

For instance, uneaten food should never go in the trash. All leftover food goes into the refrigerator unless it's a peanut butter sandwich or an apple. Peanut butter sandwiches which are half eaten get dried and stored beneath couch cushions, behind the television or under your booster seat at the kitchen table. You should always attempt to feed unfinished apples to unsuspecting cats.

Clean laundry is overrated and an unneeded expense. It is permissible to wear the same shirt for at least three straight days. If it's your favorite shirt you may wear it indefinitely, or until you can't find it. If your favorite shirt becomes soiled with applesauce or yogurt, it is acceptable to wear it inside out or backwards.

Coins are good but paper money is better. Coins go into the pig, paper goes into the pocket. Money transfer is a one way flow. It goes from the pocket of someone else into your own. Once in your pocket you should fight to the death for it or only trade it for things that you are convinced you really, really need and want. Borrowing is not an option. It's your money or it's not.

It's better to eat on your feet than sitting at a table and small amounts spread throughout the day are better than regular planned meals. The television remote generally belongs in the trash. Hand washing is more efficient when two people do it together and you can make music all day long without even one battery operated device.

These are just a few of the things that my daughter has brought to my attention. Of course this is wisdom derived from the mind of a two year old and I present it as such. She has helped me to take a look at things from a very different perspective and I attempt every day to show her my appreciation for that.