FCC rules that buttocks are a sexual organ


Important issues might be in shambles, but it's good to see that our public servants in Washington are focusing on what's important: the Federal Communications Commission has ruled that the buttocks are indeed a sexual organ.

The FCC has proposed a $1.4 million fine against 52 ABC network television stations related to the exposing of a woman's buttocks on a 2003 episode of NYPD Blue.

The Associated Press reports that "The fine is for a scene where a boy surprises a woman as she prepares to take a shower. The scene depicted "multiple, close-up views" of the woman's "nude buttocks" according to an agency order issued late Friday."

The FCC's definition of indecent content allows for fines related to shows that "depict or describe sexual or excretory activities" in a "patently offensive way".

The Commission rejected ABC's argument that "the buttocks are not a sexual organ" -- I'm not even going to touch that one on WalletPop, which strives to be a family friendly website.

No word yet on whether the FCC will also seek to levy fines on NBC for Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice; I would argue that the entire show qualifies as an excretory activity.