Valentine's day forecast: Jewelers might not be feeling the love.

jewelryIn the wake of record high gold prices, stalled employment figures, reduced retail profits and the worst holiday retail figures since 2002, jewelers nation wide are holding little hope that cupid shall send some love their way this coming Valentine's day 2008.

Gold prices have crested the $900 per ounce mark which has sent jewelers scurrying to find viable options for their potential customers. Given the fact that silver and platinum prices tend to mirror the performance of gold, alternate precious metals aren't giving jewelers much hope.So what are gift buyers to do if they find that jewelry just isn't in the budget as a gift for their love? I have here a couple ideas you can consider and I heartily invite you to add thoughts of your own.

  • Consider buying just a gem stone at this time and leave purchasing the mounting for another date. Tell your loved one you want it to be something you build together, similar to your relationship.
  • Give your partner a gift of free visits to a spa. It's a gift which is personal and it makes them feel great.
  • Let your lover have a full day free from any responsibilities. Make a plan to get away from it all. You must make all the arrangements and cover all the details yourself. Give them a totally free ride for the day.
  • Provide your special someone with gift certificates for their favorite splurging spots. Give them the freedom to treat themselves to something special, when and how they want.
It may not be a banner day for jewelers this Valentine's day 2008, but that doesn't mean the day can't be special for the rest of us. If you buy a card, make sure the sentiment expressed is real. If you buy flowers be sure they're fresh. If you buy chocolates, do your research and get the highest quality chocolate you can find.

If all else fails and there's not money for Valentine gifts, deliberate and direct eye contact coupled with the words, "I'd be lost without your love", works most every time.
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