Recalls of decorative candles by two manufacturers

recall notice logoIn two separate product lines by two different manufacturers, Pottery Barn and Wicks & Petals have issued recalls of decorative candle products.

In the first recall issued Friday, January 17, 2008, The Pottery Barn has recalled approximately 185,000 round and egg shaped decorative candles. The products are described as egg shaped as well as multiple round sizes. The candles can be found in green, gold, and white. They also sport adornments in gold and glitter.

The recall states that the exterior coatings of the candle can ignite and pose a significant fire hazard. Consumers who have these candles are requested to discontinue use of the product and may return it to any Pottery Barn store for a full refund.

For a list of specific style numbers, at the CPSC website you will find a complete list as well as contact information for the importer.

Feel free also to visit the importer's website at:

Pottery Barn candles

The second candle related recall, issued January 17, 2008 also, was made by The Wick & Petal Co., which has recalled approximately 1,300 jar candles which were sold at select candle retailers and craft fairs in Indiana from October 2007 through December 2007. The CPSC press release indicates that the candles can burn with an excessively high flame. This condition has resulted in seven reports of incidents, not all resulting in any property damage.

The candles are described as cylindrical jar candles with a chrome lid. A white label on the lid has a graphic of the fragrance, the fragrance name, and the name of the manufacturer; "Wick & Petal Co."

Consumers are requested to immediately cease using these candles and to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. For additional details, you may visit the company website at;

Wick & Petal candles

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