Dating service matches mates by body odor


The online mating service industry is thriving, with ads for companies like filling the screen during the hours singles are most likely to be sitting home alone. However, none have taken the pitch to the level of start-up, which promises to find your ideal mate by their personal body odor.

The company claims that by testing DNA it can determine which people have a personal aroma that will most appeal to you. A proper odor match can, it claims, lead to better and more orgasms, less cheating, more fertility, and healthier children.

The company doesn't depend entirely on complementary personal chemistry, though. Backing it up is value matching and a personal preferences profile.

And what, you may ask, does such a service cost? For a mere 1,995.95 freaking dollars per year, will match you with the person of your olfactory dreams. The service is currently only offered in the Boston area, but if it recruits enough suckers clients, I'm sure it will go national.

Hmmm. I'm picking up an aroma right now, and it isn't the smell of love. It smells more like hogwash.