Stowaway Universal Bluetooth keyboard: 80% off through today


Dang those small keyboards. Maybe they're not trouble if you're 17, but us older folks, well, we need something we can see if we're going to type something, OK? Maybe my fingers got fat or something, all right? That's where today's Daily Deal comes in.

This Stowaway Universal Bluetooth keyboard takes all the micro-coolness of your PDA or smart phone and gives it a low-tech functionality that is refreshing and comforting. Meaning, we can actually see the darn letters we need to type with. Now we can actually send text messages with the correct letters keyed in! Call me old-fashioned, I'm just sayin'. This is a product us non-20-year-olds can appreciate.

On sale through today or until supplies run out, this item normally sells for $150, on sale here for $30. That's a great deal, considering Cnet Shopper shows the low price on this item as $50 on, and it ratchets up from there.