Super fan: What would you do for the Green Bay Packers?


How dedicated are you to your favorite sports team? I bet Wayne Scullino is more dedicated than you are! He was willing to give up his job and sell his home to spend an entire football season with the Green Bay Packers.

A fan since the age of 15, Wayne and his family packed their belongings and traveled from their home in Sydney, Australia to Green Bay, Wisconsin for a football season that is going on longer than they expected.

With two small boys and a wife, Wayne quit his job to become a real "Packer Backer." He's living his dream of being a sports writer and photographer, and details his experience on his website, "The Once in a Lifetime Fan." The Scullino family has relied on their life's savings to fund this dream, and with the magic of the internet, they came to America with a place to live and a car to drive practically waiting for them.