High heels or low? No need to choose with adjustible height heels


First off, let me confess that I don't get shoes. A 50+ year old buddy of mine still wears boots he bought in high school, and that makes sense to me.

Nonetheless, I am aware of the investment many people, (dare I say primarily women?) make in footwear. A new product on the market, Camileon Heels, may provide them a way to save some money on fine footwear.

The rasion d'etre of Camileon Heels is that their shoes transform between high to low heels, effectively doubling their utility. To change from one to the other, the wearer need only manipulate the cleverly-engineered heels with a motion no more complicated than that required to load a coffeemaker. The wearer need not even take the shoe off.

Camelion Heels are made from Italian leather in styles meant to outlast faddish footwear. As you might guess, they don't come cheap; most run slightly over $300, although at the moment a couple of styles are selling for 20% off.

For the traveling businesswoman, these shoes might be worth considering for her road warrior ensemble. And Transformers fans will think they've died and gone to heaven.

I don't usually embed ads, but this video shows clearly how the shoes work:

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