Multi-Level Marketing is not your path to riches


Despite the claims of many who are trying to recruit new victims into their Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme, you are not going to find riches there. While there are often lofty claims about many millionaires originating in MLMs or a high percentage of women making six-figure incomes from MLMs... the reality is that the people profiting from MLMs are few and far between.

Have you ever asked someone pushing an MLM for support of their claims? Have you ever seen documentation that proved there were many making executive incomes? Have the MLMs ever voluntarily offered up statistics about the success and failure of distributors?

I can almost guarantee that your answer is "no." Why is that? MLMs don't release figures related to the number of participants involved during the year, the failure rates of participants, or even the success rates of participants because they're beyond dismal.