Follow your team into the afterlife

My theme phrase, "Life just keeps getting better," might need to be retooled. Thanks to American entreprenuers, the afterlife is looking better, as well.

The latest example comes from Eternal Image, purveyors of caskets, memorial urns and the like. Through an agreement with Major League Baseball, fans can now take their affiliation with them into the afterlife with official team-logoed burial containers.

The Major League Baseball Urns are made of cast aluminum, sitting atop a wooden home plate and capped with a clear dome in which a favorite commemorative baseball can be displayed. The logo of your favorite team is prominently displayed on the side.

The Major League Baseball Casket, available next month, features wood panels resembling the barrel of a wooden bat (without the pine tar), and is lined in your team colors. The team logo will also be displayed both inside and outside.

Not included in either, to my surprise, is a spittoon, which would seem to be a natural for any baseball-themed furniture. I expect that on each is a sticker somewhere that reads "Burial of the deceased without the express written permission of Major League Baseball is prohibited."

Not all 30 teams are yet available, but are in the works. And, after all, you're in no hurry.

Although you can never be sure when your turn at bat will come up.